Since our services can be tailored to our users, there is no limit to the range of support we can offer.
For your proposed system, the system be supported directly by IDEH GLOBAL in Iran.
We can offer support from our engineering staff to avail themselves in the site for an unlimited
period of time upon the client’s request after the start up and till the time that the system is well-stabled
and anchored.
We can supply all items under new contract or agreement for ten years

Telephone Support

We can offer support from our engineering staff to enable system operators to resolve operational
or maintenance problems. This service can, if you require it, be available 24 hours per day, 7 days
per week, or alternatively during office hours only.
Emergency Corrective Maintenance Support
We can have an engineer available to travel to site at short notice to affect corrective maintenance
to restore the system to full operation in the event of a failure.
The options would be either a few hour mobilization of a local resident engineer, or if it is
appropriate, next working day response.
Each visit to restore the system to operating status would be charged separately. Any replacement
spares used after warranty period would be charged at additional cost.


IDEH GLOBAL will supply and replace, free of charge, any damaged equipment resulting from
IDEH GLOBAL poor workmanship and/or faulty design and also replace any equipment failed
under the following conditions:
Failure under start-up and commissioning
Failure under normal usage for a minimum of 18 months after issuance of provisional acceptance
certificated by Employer or 24 months after shipment date