Cooperation Approach

At IDEH GLOBAL office we design and build the industry’s most advanced systems for customers across a diverse range of markets. Our sector-specific expertise allows us to provide our clients with innovative strategies and solutions on how to quickly and effectively manage the complex challenges they face. We can help you develop and build the specific automation and execution solutions you need to compete successfully in today’s highly competitive marketplace. Our extensive experience in each of these sectors, combined with the breadth of our capabilities and resources, enables us to provide innovative industry specific solutions that deliver superior quality and higher productivity.

Pre-sales Service

Ideh Global collect technical data from client to prepare and issue technical and financial proposal to cover customer demands. In this stage from the detailed analysis of the current situation and the definition of goals through the consulting about process and control solution issues all the way to the development of process automation solution. Utilize of alibies and experience to define the best solution and proper system according to your demands. With our global knowledge and local solutions we come to gathering information in order to planning customer projects. IGK tries to propose the best solution (Subtek, Honeywell, Emerson, Siemens,…) and conceptual design according clients’ requirement and updated standards . IGK confirm solution and quota with the customer to confirm project feasibility


Confirm solution and quota, then sign the contract.


Supplying vide variety of control system for every solution such as DCS, ESD, FGS, BMS, ABC, MIS, APC and SCADA, with vendors worldwide like Honeywell, Emerson, Subtek, Siemens, Yokogawa, ABB. Supplying in the shortest time, lowest cost and risk

Design and Fabrication

Engineering team optimize the solution and finalize the design based on Specification and worldwide standard such as: IEC61508/11, IEC61131, ISA, IPS, etc. all engineers have been trained and also we held several meetings based to projects in order to engineers make sure all requirement has been covered. After confirmation from client then production team fabricate the system according to the design. During fabrication at Ideh Global workshop, engineers focus on quality and aim the target project.

Software engineering and debugging

During engineering design to fabrication, software engineers assist and development with requirements based services from configuration to the implementation of an automation project. As we faced with a lot of challenges in several projects and every time we found a viable solution, now we are enhanced our manner and methods to improve our designing. fewer bugs, better performance, faster respond, more lifetime,… are our concerns to design and engineering. Before Factory Test Acceptance engineers test the systems, debug the logics and HMIs and get it ready for trail production status.

Factory acceptance

At Ideh Global Workshop, Final inspection with QC team and get approve by customers. We designed and built this factory only for one aspect, build, assemble, Test and modifying industrial panels. We equipped this factory with certified tools to be ensure our test is reliable. With test features we are able to handover remarkable trusted panels and system that you can find in worldwide market.